Ink drop in Houdini using the Axiom Solver.
I recently picked up a tool called Axiom for Houdini. It's an incredible smoke solver that simplifies the process yet keeps all the power. It also happens to somehow run faster than the built in solver.

To test out the new tool I made an ink drop simulation with a fun and tasty color combination. The cotton candy vibes felt right and made the simulation just that much more fun to watch.

Axiom is now a permanent part of my toolkit and has been quite useful on other projects I look forward to sharing when they get greenlit.
Here is a little preview of the scene setup in Houdini. This was a very simple setup to work with.

The project was rendered with Redshift 3.5 right around the time multiple scattering was released however I did not use it as the effect did very little for the visuals and tripled the render time.
Here is the simple node network for the setup. Most of the magic to make this come together was in the settings in these nodes.
Thank you for checking my project out.

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