The Project
The Boise State Lithia chant project was created at Woodshack Creative. I was contracted by their team to simulate the vehicles and dust clouds. The timing had to be perfect so we planned up front the objectives and layout then I went to work and made it happen.
The Need
The talented team at Woodshack Creative got in touch asking if I could help them simulate some vehicles and dust clouds where the landings happened. I told them I would love to.
The Challenge
The vehicles needed to move side by side for the final render and needed the actions timed to a specific pacing. Simulations can have a mind of their own so I had to dial in the timing to make sure the pacing was just right.
The Success
At the end of the project we were able to deliver this piece to the end client who were thrilled. The project was used on the mega-screen at Boise State during the football games to lead the audience in a chant.
Director & Art Direction: Eric Lassen
Vehicle & Smoke Simulation: Sam Welker

Studio: Woodshack Creative -

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