I had a great time exploring some of the newer nodes in Houdini 19 this week during my off hours on this little project. The attribute noise node really is a nice convenient node that saves a lot of time.

This was rendered in Redshift and comped in Fusion with a slight tweak in After Effects. ACES is amazing if you don't know. You should be using ACES.
Viewport Preview
Wireframe Preview
Houdini setup roughly visualized. There was a bit more to it than this but this is the majority of the visible network. This project heavily relied on point attributes to move, color, and deform the discs.
A closer view of the stack setup. I setup procedural controls to make sure the discs stacked perfectly no matter how tall the discs were in another node not pictured here. All discs were the same height so this was very easy and fast. 

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