Recently had a 3 year contract come to a close and had the opportunity to refresh some portfolio items. This is the second piece I was able to work on. The objective was to create a science fiction piece using a variety of skillsets. I learned a lot during this piece about making creative choices and am looking forward to doing more like this.

I am currently available for contract or remote full time work.
Here are some screenshots from the final piece.
This is a turntable for the robot created in Quixel tools. The textures for this robot were done a few years ago in Quixel tools before I switched to Substance Painter. It never felt right to end his story and felt like it'd be good to add him to the project. Originally I referred to the robot as the Tucson M2 unit. 
Below are screenshots of the framing unrendered and in wireframe.
Here are flat rendered screenshots showing the robot and human. The human was made using ZBuilder in zbrush. I then took him into mixamo to rig and add an idle animation. I manually animated the head turning. The robot was modeled in Cinema 4D and textured with the quixel tools that have since been discontinued.
Here are some screenshots of the surrounding environment. 
The terrain was created in houdini then polyreduced using houdini's amazing tools. This allows me to maintain the UV mapping of the terrain for texturing purposes.
While I didn't keep this in the end I did use world machine to apply some texture to the terrain.
The overhead clouds were created in houdini utilizing the cloud tools available there.
The portal originally had particles however those were removed as they didn't fit well. The portal shape was built using houdini and had a relatively complex rig for a simple shape. The wider portion of the portal was controlled using attributes. This affected the particle simulation.
Thank you for checking this piece out! If you liked it an appreciate helps me out a ton! I am currently available for contract work or remote positions. I'm super excited to get to work on some cool new projects so if you have any needs please don't hesitate to reach out over email:

Have a great day!
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